Corporate & Commercial Legal Services

When our lawyers provide strategic legal advice and services their priorities are to:

  1. understand and help achieve the desired commercial or personal goals;
  2. ensure peace of mind and protection by providing proper documentation;
  3. identify and manage risks;
  4. identify and resolve legal and regulatory compliance issues.

Our Corporate & Commercial team offers advice and assistance in all aspects of commercial, contractual and corporate law and regulation and can help with all aspects of commercial transactions irrespective of size, from sole traders, startups, small and medium-sized businesses, large multinational business, public sector clients, schools, museums and not-for-profit organisations.

We have experience in working both internationally and throughout Australia.

Whichever of the following may be your concern, we can help:-

  1. Setting Up the business (corporate structure/shareholders agreements etc);
  2. Transitioning a side hustle or hobby into a business (difference between acting as a business versus an individual who sells);
  3. Growing the Business (labour issues/bank guarantees etc);
  4. Buying/Selling Business issues that may arise;
  5. Protecting the business and its assets, like registering your trademark;
  6. Succession issues (passing on the business to the next generation, wills etc)

Our aim is to build a deep understanding of each client’s business, that businesses specific needs and how it operates within its market sector, so we can give the most accurate, current and practical advice which is tailored for that particular client.

Our corporate & commercial services include:

For more information on how we can assist you, please contact Michael Stafford or please send a message with our How Can We Help? pop-up on the right side of each page on the website.