First Time

Welcome to Family Law at Eakin McCaffery Cox

We are skilled at promoting agreement for our diverse clients across a wide range of family law and relationship matters. When negotiating for our clients, we believe in being civil and respectful towards all participants. We look out for the well-being of our clients and prioritise the safety of children in matters involving children.


Your first meeting with one of our family lawyers is important because you want to know what your future may look like, how the family law system works, and how you can reach agreement.

We understand that the decision to obtain legal advice can be a big step because of the personal nature of family law issues. We support our clients through the first meeting in a safe and empathetic way.

You can talk to us before your first meeting to ask us how to prepare for it, and to check on what we need to know beforehand. We will ask you for basic details about you and your spouse partner, such as your and their full name and date of birth, all in confidence.

We understand that the costs of legal advice can be a concern when taking the first step in seeing a lawyer. We will tell you how much your first meeting with us will cost, and we will confirm our estimate or fixed fee for the cost of the first meeting in writing, before you see us.

Whilst face to face meetings are often best, we are able to arrange an online meeting for the first meeting if that is what you need or prefer as a client seeing us for the first time.

It is helpful before the first meeting to have an understanding of your circumstances. We therefore encourage our clients to send us the following documents to read before we meet:

  • A dot point summary of key dates and events
  • A list of their and their spouse partner’s assets, financial resources and liabilities (a rough list is a good start)
  • A list of questions and key concerns to review at the first meeting
  • Any correspondence received from your spouse/partner’s lawyer
  • Any existing parenting plan, parenting order, apprehended domestic violence order, other court orders, contracts and other documents that are relevant

We also tell our new clients not to worry if they can’t prepare a written summary before their first meeting.

We are here to help. Please contact us on 02 9265 3000 if you would like to speak to one of our lawyers about organising a first meeting with one of our specialist family lawyers, Paul Lewis or Katherine Evans.