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Can an adviser to a company be a shadow director?

Christina Cavallaro, Associate Mark Doble, Partner 27 August 2013 Overview Is there a risk that an adviser to a company may be deemed to be a shadow director? This paper examines the circumstances in which a person may be found to be a shadow director and provides some practical tips on how advisers can avoid

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Procurement? Keeping Procurement Under Control?

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. When I was invited to write this paper, I remembered an incident to do with NSW Government procurement law which occurred soon after I was appointed Assistant Crown Solicitor for NSW in 1990. I received a phone call from an officer of the State Contracts Control Board

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Different forms of Administration in Corporate Insolvency

BY MARK DOBLE, PARTNER 7 MAY 2013 OVERVIEW In this paper I address the three most common types of administration of insolvent corporations. The three types of administrations with which I intend to deal are: Liquidation; Voluntary administration with a view to executing a deed of company arrangement; and Receiverships. I should point out that

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